LSBP Mk2 charasteristics


-Serial production with up to 6 print heads simultaneously

-Massive build envelope of 840x800x850mm

-7” touch screen

-Easy access to all the parameters of each print head individually allows printing with different materials simultaneously

-Printer setup for different amount of print heads made fast with one plug system for the printheads and touch screen for the system setup

-32 bit calculation for fast and smooth operation

-Straight forward levelling of the heated 2Kw glass build platform

-Easy access for the filament reels with space for big ones

-Super fast exchange clamp on print heads with securing buckles to eliminate wobble - no tools needed for machine setup

-Long heat zones with universal M6 screw nozzles with 50W heaters for fast extrusion and worry free maintenance

-Easy to clean printheads with open back for air cleaning of the filament rollers and 5 sec roller disassembly


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Allied Dimensions LSBP is designed to replace a traditional printer farm in serial production and serve as a large scale printer for massive projects. It's a clever solution for a printing cafe or a prototyping workshop for example. LSBP combines the benefits of a fast large volume printer (W840xD780xH800) with the benefits of a multihead serial printer covering everything in between them.

The basic setup consists of 6 individual heads that can be used separately or together depending the needed size or amount of pieces printed. By configuring the firmware to use multiple material printing these same printheads can be used side by side on a single area (instead of separating the build envelope into smaller areas when printing several pieces at a time). The massive heated bed allows printing of large mechanical parts out of ABS or other plastics that require heated platform.

The machine uses open source firmwares for the easiest and most affordable tuning for the changing needs without the costy work of a specialist. This means short down times and low maintenance costs. The ultra light carriage system is made from carbon fibre with a novel bearing solution to provide a super sturdy yet light and fast system. The modular gantry allows you to swap between the function modes of the printer in minutes. There will be different heads for different funtions to simply snap on the place.