First there was a personal need for a serial production printer instead of a farm of typical tabletops. The solution was building a printer with several "slave" extruders. The first LSBP was built. This basement built printer gained some attention and lead to a customer project of building a better one into industrial use. This second printer is being used at the moment for building quite massive parts out of ABS to be enclosures for different machines with printing speeds of 50 cubic cm/h/extruder. This totals in 100 ccm/h when printing 2 pieces at a time as we usually do since the parts are big shallow enclosures up to 5 Kg per piece so far. The user experience of this second printer has lead into designing the third model that will be optimised for printing ABS and higher temperature plastics with high chamber temperature, precision, speed and volume. Extra care is put into securing the temperature maintaining and cooling of the print without warping - a challenge with big parts not often realised by the designers and customers. At the moment no machine is for sale, but the Mk3 will be in near future. The more interest there is, the faster the project gets finished. The price will be 12000 - 15000€ and the specifications uncomparable to anything on the market.


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